Friday, December 18, 2009

Chester Pineda

Born by the Wedding Band

A switch or belt
Football pads and soccer cleats
The lingering sting of defeat
I’ll always remember how it felt

Vicks cured all that ills
Blistering fever or freezing chills
(I’ll always remember my grandmother saying, “you’re not sick till you’re dead or dying")

Family comes first
Just after God

From Spain to Mexico
Pineda grew
Viermas (that’s Friday) from the Philippines flew

A rosary hung from my great grandmother’s hand
To Saint Rita she prayed and prayed
For the great grandchild, born by the wedding band

It is my job to prove
To the Saint of lost causes
I’m no lost cause
But how, how do I choose?

Shake it off you’re not hurt
Nothing is bleeding, broken or burnt

According to Chester Pineda, writing this poem required a little trip down memory lane for me. I recalled some of my most prominent childhood memories, soccer, football, and martial arts. But what I remember most is always what my mother told me, "Unless something is broken, or you're bleeding; you're not hurt." He can still hear these words ringing in his ears today.

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