Friday, December 18, 2009

"Where I'm From": recognizing one's social location as preparation for reconciliation

This past summer, Dean of SPU’s School of Education Rick Eigenbrood(on the right with my girls and busy bee) offered me the opportunity to teach a diversity course to students entering the Teacher Education Program at SPU. So beyond editing the newsletter and hanging out and conspiring with art studio director Katie Kresser at the Seattle Art Museum, last fall,I’ve been spending time stretching and being stretched by our students. It's been transformative for me as an educator. Part of helping students to understand the perspectives of others requires helping them to understand their own social location. In order to do so, we have included a literary exercise in the course that involves writing a poem titled: "Where I’m From.” The first time 'round in class, our students provided some of the most transparent writing that I've heard in a while. What follows below are poems from three brave and brilliant students who were willing to share their thoughts.
Please scroll down to read our students' poems. I'm sure that you will be moved.

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