Friday, December 18, 2009

Anna Coulson

Life Hasn’t Always Been so Easy

I am from the Sun Shine State,
lived there a long time
Grew up on many streets;
Thought that was fine.

From rich to poor my roots are defined broad,
that’s OK cause’ in the center there was always God.

My parents are Stanford grads, they wanted a better life for me,
So instead of sending me to school, they taught me how to read!

Being home-schooled was such a great way to learn,
Taught by my parents, respect was earned.

I have been blessed to have the parents I have had,
because if they hadn’t adopted me, life could’ve been pretty sad.

I have brothers from different backgrounds, I never saw the difference,
Because my parents taught us - it wasn’t about appearance!

From the streets in California to the green Irish land,
I love the variety of where I come from- but prefer the beach and sand!

I am from the moments that show up in family pictures,
Bright eyes and happy smiles are remembered through the years.

Life hasn’t always been so easy,
I struggled with abandonment,
Because I had those birth parents
who did not want to commit.

God has taught me to forgive, move on, and be grateful
Because some kids don’t ever get the blessing I have had, ever at all.

Trace the history and you’ll land in Ireland and England,
Although that’s “where I ‘m from,” I have never been.

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